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I was under the impression that professionals in most fields rely on facts.  Police ask for facts from witnesses.  Doctors need the facts from examinations and tests.  Lawyers dig for the facts to present to a jury.  When did this principle get lost on the media?

As a seasoned private investigator of 40 years, I was trained to seek the facts.  Facts are absolute and universal in truth.  Justice is blind.

My point in this article will be about sticking to facts when determining the outcome of an event.  Any event.  This is what law enforcement and the sole purpose of the private investigator.

If we did not deal with facts, we would revert back to the Salem witch hunts.  Regardless of the outcome in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the trial process is about discovering and presenting the facts.  We, as a society, must not fall into the thought police syndrome!

We are becoming a society of detectives without the most essential ingredient, facts.  Combine a blatant disregard for facts and this opens the door to bias!  Today, we call it circumstantial evidence!  Forget the facts, lose the details and concoct what one “feels” happened!  Incredible because I am speaking of the media and current society!

It is essential as a society to work within certain rules.  If we have rogue factions, or more specifically prejudice, we have bias.  Bias is the enemy of facts.  Without adherence to facts, there is no truth.  Society is becoming more biased and therefore more prejudiced.  All because we are getting away from the facts, in favor of feelings.

Using your gut feelings are essential to survival.  It is an ancient characteristic built into our DNA.  You “feel” in your gut that something is wrong.  You are in danger.  This is good and indicates you are functioning properly by design.  Unfortunately, your gut is not always correct and certainly biased from your own experience and belief system.  The issue runs deeper and not a subject that will be discussed in this article for sure.

When there is a lack of facts or disregard for the truth, there must be prejudice involved and therefore, bias.  Where there is bias, there is an omission of logic.  Without logic, there is danger of not finding the truth.

A disturbing observation of prejudice in the media is on display during this trial.  There are dozens of attorneys reporting through the media about incredulous theories.  Irresponsibility started with our president when he openly commiserated with the Trayvon Martin family through the media.  This is unacceptable behavior in this investigator’s opinion, regardless of outcome of the trial.  He prejudged and set the tone.  We must stop prejudging, especially when we are discussing a person’s life.

As a private investigator, I will use my gut and intuition frequently, however it is always with the objective to get the facts and report the truth.  Think about what a career professional private investigator does.  Reports the facts.  It is a very pure objective and quite noble.  We report them unaltered, virgin and pure.  Whether it is what our client wants to hear or not, we report the unaltered truth.  When is the last time you could hire anyone that is trained and commissioned to tell you the truth?  In a profession that is fraught with mystery and intrigue, the bottom line is the simple facts.  The truth.  Refreshing!

Would you expect to hire a private investigator to report vague assumptions or precise facts?  If your case required going to court and all you had was a vague opinion or even an elaborate theory, without facts, you lose.  And how it must be.  We must not accept this behavior that continues to perpetrate bias.  We deserve more and we as a nation need to get back in touch with what’s “real”.

Some of the most prejudiced people believe they are truly the opposite.  We are all prejudiced.  Everyone without fail.  Think about the last time you “pre judged” a person, place or thing and it will prove my point.  We all do it…..I just did it earlier today… I drive past this restaurant all the time but never go in since I “feel” they will have a limited menu.  I finally drove in today and looked at a menu that had about 8 pages of goodies.  I pre judged and was wrong until I got the facts.

I would like to see us taking responsibility for self policing and demand the facts.  Like the media used to do in America.  Use your gut and feelings but please remember that the truth will set us all free, as it were.   We are in a very tenuous time where our freedom of speech is being restricted in very sensitive social arenas.  If we abandon logic, facts and truth for “feelings”, our demise as a culture is in motion.


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