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Hiring a Private Investigator For The Right Reasons

California is a “no fault” divorce state where infidelity itself is not a concern of the court!…Sort of…

Many divorcing folks out there are under the misconception that catching their cheating spouse will gain them favor in divorce court.  California, like most states, is a no fault divorce state where no reason need be given to request divorce.

There is a check box that you mark stating irreconcilable differences.  You can wake up one morning and decide that you no longer want to deal with your spouse’s snoring and divorce him!  That’s correct, you can take that snoring son of a gun down except you still don’t need a reason in a no fault divorce state.

So why do you hear about private investigators spying on cheating husbands all the time?  There is a sizable portion of clients that simply want to find out if cheating is going on to help them decide what to do.  There is probably too much investigation going on for little payoff.  Of course, satisfaction of knowing the truth can be invaluable beyond any monetary return on investment.

Free Infidelity Investigators Case Study Report

Free Infidelity Investigators Case Study Report on Cheating Spouse Investigations


Is there any real benefit in hiring a private investigator to expose infidelity?

A resounding if not qualified, YES!  Not for finding your boyfriend cheating with some barfly on Saturday night!  You see, there is no crime committed nor is there any return on your financial investment in a private investigator!  Our agency does not accept cases where couples are not cohabitating or married.  There is no shortage of private eyes out there that will take boyfriend, girlfriend cases to be sure.  Just turn on the tv and watch Cheaters!

So back to the benefits.  In divorce cases when couples have been married for several years or cohabitated, and or have children, the gloves are off!  No fault my as*?!  You better be prepared, even moreso when substantial money is involved.  It can get very nasty in this “no fault” state.

Infidelity may be the root cause for indescriminate spending and time away from family & children.  Infidelity itself is a moot point however the ancillary fallout of financial troubles with poor parenting by not being present are the issues a good attorney will attack and expose.  I have seen it and lived it and if you are self employed where a judge and “good” attorney can wreck havoc.  If the attorney can paint a negative picture of the cheater to the court, it can definitely have bearing on the financial outcome.

A local attorney just recently exposed cheating but also dug into finances and found the cheating spouse was spending vast amounts of money on his girlfriend.  This attorney convinced the judge that not only did he owe his spouse for money spent outside the marriage but also found child custody in favor of the mother.  She was awarded 100% of the money he spent and the cheater got stuck with both parties attorney fees.

The Take Away on Infidelity in a No Fault State

Infidelity itself may not be an issue however the peripheral fallout can play a factor in divorce court.  Get a private investigator to cooperate with your family law attorney to investigate finances and the cheaters time and habits.  The payoff could prove invaluable when defining assets and child custody and ultimately, support payments.

Infidelity is simply the tip of the iceberg!  With cheating habits documented, the private investigator can literally change your entire future.

Most private investigators will give you a free consultation as does our firm.  Take the mystery out of what a private investigator can do for you in divorce due to infidelity cases.  Read the next installment or call a private eye!

David Moody

Destiny Private Investigation 

Free Infidelity Investigation Case Study Ebook

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