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Shoplifting, Internal Theft, Fraud or is it just a little “Shrinkage”?

When you think of epidemics, we generally refer to issues such as swine flu, anthrax, starvation, aids and other large scale diseases.  Shoplifting doesn’t even enter most people’s minds, yet it has reached epidemic proportions!  In the 1950’s, shoplifting and internal theft was less than a 15% level within America.  Current reports indicate as many as 80% of the population has stolen through shoplifting and corporate fraud/theft!

This is an epidemic of Biblical proportions!

Is it our new generation of entitled ones?  Statistics show it is an equal opportunity disease spanning all generations.  Could it be due to low minimum wage laws or simply because our society is degenerating?

The term inventory shrinkage was coined over the past 20 years and shows how much business owners were in denial.  Shrinkage sounds so cute and innocent.  It’s just one of the costs of doing business was the standard reply.  No big deal.  With shrinking profit margins, discounting and competition, suddenly it’s priority number one!  We are generally slow to recognize and make change in our society and now that the pain is so great, there is a bull run to seek methods in hopes of stemming the bleeding!  Now it’s called loss prevention!

We have been involved in store security, surveillance and undercover stings for 40 years.  This is not a new phenomenon but is now at epidemic proportions!

Retailers are realizing that retail theft is causing astronomical losses and no longer just a cost of doing business but a one way ticket to bankruptcy!

DPI has helped retailers and corporations address shoplifting and internal employee theft fraud and although the objective is the same as it was in the 70’s, the technology and methods have become incredibly more sophisticated.  Monitoring both clients and employees is paramount to staying in business.  With the current statistics, those that do not address these issues will do so at their own peril.

Contact DPI for a free consultation and let us help you address this critical issue before it’s too late.  Technology can replace a lot of man hours today and costs for securing your business with sound loss prevention tactics are more reasonable than ever!  Don’t bury your head in the sand any longer, address and secure your business in 2016.

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