Exposing Electronic & Physical Spying

Are you being spied upon?  Followed?  Even stalked?  Don’t dismiss your gut feeling!  Our society has become overrun with a loss of privacy and you could easily be a target!

This observation is not meant to create panic, however we deal with exposing spying or counter surveillance regularly.  It could be a boyfriend, ex spouse, corporate espionage or even the police!  We have dealt with all of these examples.  What can you do?  If you tell people they may think you are losing it or you could possibly be telling the perpetrator!  Even more incredible is that there is nothing the police will do and if you have been previously arrested, they could actually have bugged your phone or car!  We have actually found bugs planted on cell phones and tied the incident back to when a client was falsely detained by the police.  The police conveniently “misplaced” his phone after detaining him in a jail cell.  When it was returned to him, it was bugged.  He couldn’t understand why he was being followed and harassed by the cops for several weeks until he hired us.  After collecting facts and details, we surmised that he must have been electronically bugged.  When we asked him if he had been out of possession of his phone for any time period, he told us about how his phone was “lost” at the police department and it took them nearly two weeks to return it to him.  We scanned his phone and immediately found it to be bugged!

So if we can’t necessarily trust the law to enforce or expose our privacy, it’s easy to believe that individuals outside the field of law enforcement may intrude upon you even more.  If you have had someone mention what you thought was private information or show up mysteriously at an event, don’t immediately dismiss as a coincidence.  Synchronicity is one thing but more than once or twice is more than likely spying.

We have exposed corporate espionage by physically and electronically “sweeping” the premises only to find covert cameras, microphones, phone taps and computer bugs.  In once case we were able to determine that three of the corporate executives cell phones were tapped along with a pc.  We stopped the problem and even were able to expose the perp through interviewing and deduction of the facts.

Many of our cases involve the ex spouse or significant other from hell.  I think some of them are auditioning for one of those Hollywood stalker movies or channeling Glenn Close.  It can be simply an invasion of privacy that stops and goes away or can become a nightmare with life threatening risks.  We have found that the sooner the issue is addressed, the better the results.  Letting a stalker go about invading your privacy for any length of time can become a long term nightmare.  Stopping the leaks fast is the key and many will just give up and move on.  Don’t let the stalking become a form of entertainment, it could cost you dearly.  That goes for any form of spying.  Nip it asap.

You may be wondering, how do I get relief and peace of mind?  Call us.  We will give you up to one hour free consultation to assess your situation.  Through a series of questions and deductions we make, we can move forward and get to the bottom of the issue.  It could be a simple as your phones or car.  Counter surveillance may require a premises sweep along with computer scan.

We have state of the art electronic counter surveillance equipment and have years of experience conducting physical sweeps.  Call for your free consultation and ask for Dave Moody.  I have 40 years experience as a PI and take old school pride in solving the problem put in front of me.  Our rates are extremely reasonable and results guaranteed on what we are allowed to inspect.

OC Counter Surveillance Special

Home or Office that is 1500 sq ft or less

We will check all cell phones(no limit), land lines(max 2), automobiles(max 1) and physical premises

$495 includes time and travel in Orange County only

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  We can conduct night or day.  Please allow up to 3 hours for counter surveillance to be conducted for special.

Please contact us if you have a larger job or outside OC for quote