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Your Life History Is Public! Why You Need a Self Background Check Now!

Conducting a Background Search on Yourself

All databases were not created equal.  Consider that very important information about yourself is floating about the internet right now as you  read this!  Do you know what others may be reading about you?  Probably not and this is very scary since the level of errors and incompetency is so high in society these days, you may run screaming in horror if you saw your self background check report!

I’m not trying to start a riot but I am compelled to let you in on the real truth.  I am a licensed private investigator in the state of California and know the difference between background checks.  I have been a private investigator since 1972.  Heed my advice.  Read and take the following information to heart.

I have discussed the differences between the common online instant background checks and high level, government grade background checks in prior posts.  My point in this article is not to point out the inferiority and dangers of using most of these online background check companies again but to point out how mis-information online can hurt you!  Even if you do not use any of these online background check services, they may be reporting bad information about you!  Information that could keep you from getting your next job!!!

Just last week, I helped a client save a new job.  His example is not uncommon and what you are about to read may blow your mind.  Read what happened to our Mr. Jones and try to remain calm.

I got a call from a client stating he had just been turned down for employment due to information on the background check run on him.  He went on to explain that he had been on his prior job for about 20 years and was laid off.  He found employment with another company in his line of work and was required to sign off on a background check as most employers are doing now.  The client had no problem with this since he has been Mr. Steady Eddie for the past 20 years.  As it turns out, Mr. Jones is informed that he is a felon and out of the running for employment!!

Don't be shark bait! Check your backgroundFinding Out You Have Been Considered a Felon by the FBI for Over 20 Years!

The client was freaking out as you can imagine since he never committed a felony!  He called us to run his background report and why you need to do the same!  A Real background check has human intervention and has real certified information to dispel any other public reports.  In other words, do you take the word from a person you don’t know or do you go to the court house and look at the actual documents to be 100% sure of a crime?

We found that the FBI had incorrectly listed an expunged drug possession arrest in their files.  We found that there was never a misdemeanor charge or felony charge filed in the county of where the original court case was handled.  Our research went back beyond the admissible time frame of 7 years which employers have legal access to.  We found no evidence whatsoever of any criminality and documented this to the client in an official letter.

Our client reported that he presented our certified background report and got the job!  With the direct assistance of us supplying a “certified court document report” for verification and our status as a licensed private investigation agency in Ca., proved sufficient evidence for the prospective employer to give the thumbs up to our client!

Everyone is sensitized to their credit scores and overlooking a potential white elephant in the room!  You may have a 597 credit score but how would you feel if you had a felony on your background check or a discharged bankruptcy still showing or an expunged crime?  You would forget your crappy credit score in a second and start freaking out right?

There are estimates from insiders that public domain information brokers data in some instances can be as much as 50% inaccurate!!  We suggest everyone get a high level self background check asap.


David E Moody


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