DPI Background System Features

High level data reserved for police, private investigators and legal professions

Your report is digitally delivered through your password protected custom portal

All correspondence may be handled online by our fully automated platform

Setup your free account in ten seconds and access your personal portal

Your portal contains exclusive free content and unpublished services and specials

Portal accounts may correspond directly with a DPI agent within your portal

Scheduling consultation or booking other services are available right in your console

The DPI Background System is free and simple to use

Purchased background check reports will become available directly into your portal within hours

We keep an extra copy for you in reserve in case you need it later

You receive the most comprehensive data available

DPI is a licensed Private Investigation Agency

Advanced Client Portal

The DPI Background System uses secure ssl technology.  Customer portal offers clients complete anonymity for instant upload and download of documents

Key Elements

The freshest and most accurate data updated daily.  Police level reports using trusted database vendors.  Discreetly transmitted to business and individual clients

Target Audience

The general public & businesses that need top level reporting without needing to commit to any long term contracts or deal with inferior online report alternatives


DPI wishes to bring high level background check reports to anyone with permissible reason to benefit from our system.  DPI portal allows instant access to us!

Advanced DPI Background Report Portal

Our clients access their own secure protal to conduct uploads and download of information in the most secure environment.

The DPI portal offers our clients special unplublished services along with free library documents and special pricing.  It’s like having your own private investigator service on speed dial!

All The Right Things

DPI Background Check Portal Innovations

Businesses or individuals may participate without contract

Portal has direct booking capabilities for DPI services at the touch of a button!

We can offer more targeted free content to your portal and exclusive portal services and prices

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