DPI Unlimited Background Checks

DPI offers police grade background check services to qualifying individuals that demand the most accurate information available

Destiny Private Investigation’s top level background check service is compliant with employment laws and federal regulations.  If you are an employer or professional agency that requires background & pre employment background check reports, please contact us for more information on our automated background check system for “industrial” use.

Sign up for a comprehensive background check and complete totally online within your assigned portal .

The important difference in background checks found online offering easy access reports and a DPI background check report is critical.  You may find information on one of these internet background search sites but it can be weeks, months and even years old!  DPI’s data is refreshed daily and this is critical when attempting to find someone’s latest address, work, loans, banking, etc.

Another huge difference between all those online background investigation services and DPI is confirmation of data.  The cheap online providers of background information DO NOT remotely guarantee their data because it is garnered from PUBLIC DOMAIN sources like Facebook and information floating about the internet.

Useful?  Maybe, however do you really want to base your decision on this level of information?  We have seen incorrect criminal records reported on these sites regularly.  Many of the agencies do not publicly report criminal, dmv, and other essential information and there are jurisdictions in the penal system that either report very slowly or not at all.

If the person being investigated had been arrested in one of the many black hole regions of internet background check services, the report may not show the criminal activity.

DPI’s criminal background checks offer CERTIFIED information.  We have personnel physically go to the courts and verify files.  Our process is the only way to go if you think about it.  You are playing Russian Roulette if using any other service!cheap background checks russian roulette

Yet another critical distinction between the online background check services and DPI’s is that you must have permissible reason to request a background check.

Why?  Because anyone can copy information off the internet and sell it,  Only certified government approved reports hold end users accountable since the information discovered is through actual verification of court records.

Can you see how dangerous it is to rely on a non certified background check report from the internet

Comprehensive Background Check System

6 Custom Comprehensive Reports:

*Pre Employment-Nanny Check *Rental-Lease  *Business Associate Check  *Personal-Self Check  *Dating Check  *Missing Relative

What about cost?  Is a DPI background check report more expensive?  Without the internet and current technology, the cost of our background check reports would be extremely high compared to the online public domain option.

When background check cases were conducted years ago, we had to go door to door to interview, go to the court houses to investigate and spend days doing what our database can now do in minutes.

DPI has combined new technology with old school methods to produce your most definitive and comprehensive background check solution.

Costs are extremely reasonable.  Your report can be delivered from 24 to 72 hours depending on your requirements.  If you have no need for physical court documentation of any records, your report will be available generally on the same day.  If marriage, criminal, bankruptcy, previous employment or other verified documents are needed, allow up to 72 hours.  We certify our results to you with full report and certification of findings.

Comprehensive background check report sample

Certification Document Sample

DPI background investigation reports is the only way to be assured of accuracy on very sensitive information.  When the facts are paramount, get the peace of mind with Destiny Private Investigation.

Permissible Use:

Most individuals will be able to use the DPI service along with legal and business institutions.  Individuals looking for the following may apply:

missing relative, friend, dating, contract labor, baby sitter, nannies, family.

Missing person private investigation

Missing persons private investigators