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Recovering Judgments & Asset Retrieval

Recent statistics indicate nearly 80% of court judgments go uncollected!  Are you one of the majority that has won a court judgment but was unable to collect your award?

You obviously aren’t alone and short of knowing the law and becoming a private investigator, what can you do to get your money?  DPI is your asset retrieval recovery specialist that can get the job done.

We offer an initial consultation and pre screening process to see if we may be able to help you.  After this initial meeting and process determines if your case has merit, we will begin to retrieve your assets.

The process can take several weeks and we are as motivated as you are to locate assets since our fee structure is based on success only!  You have no risk and there are no costs to you.  Our fees are derived from a percentage of asset value recovered so we don’t get paid unless you do.

Let DPI discuss your needs for recovering a court awarded judgment today.  There is a legal time limit on your court judgment that once expired, cannot be recovered.

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