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Psychopaths are Deceivers & Serial Cheaters

Do You Believe There Is Any Chance of a Jodi Arias In Your Life or Future?

Although this author has vast experience with the human condition and how behavior applies to the private investigator, I am not a licensed counselor.  Unfortunately, there are many mental health professionals unprepared for the sociopath and how this mental condition manifests itself in society.

Nearly 40 percent of the criminals incarcerated in American prisons have reportedly exhibited sociopathic characteristics.  This may not sound overly disturbing if you believe that most of these sociopaths are behind bars  but how many are your neighbors, work colleagues, or even worse, your spouse?

Let’s not over-react and start playing shrink and diagnosing people as this can not only make you look bad, but can be hazardous to your health!

I wrote this article as the Jodi Arias trial has gone into jury deliberation to decide her fate.  It is applicable to far more of us than you may believe!  If you look at recent trials starting with OJ, Casey Anthony and now Jodi Arias, you will see a disturbing similarity in all three.  Narcissistic sociopathic behavior.  People that get many others to believe incredible lies!

Most of us think these people are others misfortune or bad luck to have made an association.  Now think about this statistic.  There are over 300 million Narcissistic/Sociopaths walking the streets of America!  What are the chances of associating or knowing one of these afflicted people?  Almost guaranteed!  Studies show  estimates range from 1 in 20 to 1 in 100  individuals are sociopaths in our society!  It’s an equal opportunity affliction between male and female with statistics showing slightly more males cursed.

You might be saying that you would notice if someone is a sociopath.  Dr. Hare, one of the leaders in the field of sociopathy stated that he is unable to tell a sociopath at the outset.

Please do yourself a favor and do more research on the subject of Narcissism and Sociopathy.  They are intertwined and becoming a plague in American culture to all of our detriment.

You may be dating or even married to one!  Someone that was the greatest love of your life early on that turned into the most abusive, mistrustful, rageful and dangerous person you no longer know.  Someone that can never be wrong.  Lies and makes you believe their lies!  Uses sex as a tool.

Sound familiar?  If you think you are going crazy and losing all confidence in your judgment and at wits end, you may be a Narcissists target.  You have become what is termed, Narcissistic supply or essentially fish food for the shark.  There is virtually no conscience in a sociopath due to what is believed to be brain anomalies in the frontal lobe of the brain and other neurological malformation.

Why do some kill and others don’t ?  Dr. Hare and other researchers believe that early childhood rearing has an impact on the finished product.  There is evidence that a person predisposed to sociopathy, with brain anomalies, may bypass turning into a killer due to a good parental rearing through the age of 7.  Conversely, there is evidence that an abused child with a predisposed brain of a sociopath may become violent later in life, hence the high percentage of incarcerated sociopaths.

PLEASE speak to a QUALIFIED mental health professional.  Do not assume all counselors deal with this horrible condition.  Many mental health professionals will not take on sociopaths since they can be so mentally manipulative that even professionals can become a target and come under attack.  Reference books can only give so much information and there is no substitute for first hand experience when you are dealing with this syndrome.

If you are seeking a private investigator to assist you with a cheating spouse case, please consider if Sociopathy is part of your relationship.  If you have been threatened with physical violence and are a subject of verbal abuse and rage, consider calling the police as relationships with Narcissistic Sociopaths can and often do become dangerous.

Do not confront the sociopath by calling them out with your newfound diagnosis.  Remember, you are probably not a licensed health care professional and not allowed to diagnose but more importantly, sociopaths can go off the deep end, especially if they believe they have been exposed!

Just ask Nicole Simpson, Ron Goldman, Casey Anthony’s child and now Jodi Arias’ late boyfriend, Jason Alexander.  That’s if you could.

If you are in an abusive relationship, call the authorities before calling a private investigator as you may literally be the next target of a sociopath.

As a licensed private investigator, I have been part of handling cases for these dysfunctional relationships.  They are far more dangerous and why we conduct interviews with potential clients before handling cases.  We also need to protect ourselves and armed with patterns and behavioral traits help us to somewhat profile our subject to handle in the best and safest manner for all involved.


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