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Our objective has always been to simply report the facts to our clients. For those of you old enough to remember Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet, his byline was, “Just the facts Ma’am”. This objective still holds true for us today. The search for facts is our mission.  It’s what private investigators do!

As the director of DPI, I have a rather unique background that took a somewhat different course than most private investigators. My father was VP of Pinkerton Detective Agency during the 1960’s and was quite a story himself.

George Moody returned from WWII after surviving the Normandy invasion and  massacres and was amongst the first to storm Hitler’s compound. George came home, got married and moved to Brooklyn . Mom found an ad in the paper for a guard position at Pinkertons Detective Agency and the rest is history. George rose through the ranks and spent nearly 30 years with the firm. George Moody was one of the last of the great generation and I wanted to be like him when I grew up.

I was around 10 years old when first informed what my father did for a living. Until then, I was told he was a “business man”. The problem I had when asked was that the follow up question was what type of business? I recall saying something to the effect that dad wore a trench coat and hat and carried an attache case so he must be important…

I still remember the first time I went to dad’s office. I was in the 4th grade and really excited to finally see where he worked. As I approached this very intimidating building and got in the elevator to go to some very high up floor, I saw the coolest thing ever when the doors opened…the logo on the majestic mahogany door just had a picture of an eye with the words…We Never Sleep.

Once inside, it was even more awesome with paintings throughout his office of bandits, Lincoln, the Pinkerton agents of the past and of course Alan Pinkerton. After taking it all in, dad showed me to a room where there was historical pictures and news from Pinkerton dating back a hundred years. I spent hours looking at files, pictures, listening to interrogations and really getting an inside look into the originator of private investigation in America.

A Family of Private Investigators

So my brother and I grew up to be Pinkerton detectives as though it was the family business. My mother even conducted undercover loss prevention at retail stores. When I turned 18, I was drafted by dad and began my private investigation career.

My brother went into police work after about 10 years with Pinkerton and piloted the helicopter detail out of John Wayne airport. He is now retired and consultant to Destiny Private Investigation. We are organically trained as private investigators and believe this brings very positive results to our clients.

We have old school private investigator training coupled with current technologies and state of the art private investigation tools. In other words, we offer rare investigative experience combined with new millennium technology.

I am blown away at how sophisticated the technology has become. We have gone paperless, wireless, and have database software that turns your case into solved and done in a fraction of the time it used to.

New DPI Automated Online Private Investigator System

Online private investigation?  Yes, totally online case handling for our clients!  We have integrated current private investigator software technology to allow client’s their own DPI portal.  This means that we can handle cases one on one with our client securely and more efficiently.  Clients receive helpful content pertinent to their case along with the ability to upload and download documents.  DPI has setup communication so that our client is conveniently served via email, text, skype or phone.  Our clients have the capability to pay and order products & services with one click!  No more need to travel to an office for our clients.  Totally discreet and effective system that produces results fast!  The DPI automate online private investigator system is state of the art 21st century private investigation.

DPI has currently implemented over a half dozen online case handling systems.  Missing persons, asset retrieval, pre employment,, background checking, infidelity, and our spot check covert inspection services to name a few.  Check for links on this site that will forward you to our system site and view the options.  It’s free to sign up for an account and make immediate contact with a DPI agent.

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Please contact DPI if you just need a fresh perspective and we’ll be happy to offer our advice, thanks!

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