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So Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Even Dirty Harry wouldn’t like these odds.  1 in 25 chance to win the lottery?  Hardly.   1 in 25 chance that you win $5 on a lottery scratcher?  Probably.  1 in 25 chance you date or marry a psychopath?  Are you kidding?  Unfortunately I’m not.  Dr. Hare, the leading researcher in the field of psychopathy believes that 1 in 25 people now would be classified as psychopaths!  Bone chilling and the ratio is trending toward even more.  Whether it is genetic or a learned behavior is still not clear however the majority opinion is that psychopathy is a combination of both, nature and nurture.

Psycho Society?

So you say, that’s interesting but I can smell a con artist a mile away.  Not so, according to Dr. Hare, he cannot always tell a psychopath from a “normal” person initially.  Friendly, glib, engaging, good looking and personable are all characteristics associated when initially meeting a psychopath.  Psychopaths are part of the cluster diagnosis that includes narcissists and sociopaths.  Dr. Hare and many others refer to this group as psychopaths in general.  Only a small percentage become violent criminals but all apparently have many of the same personality characteristics….Maybe you have one in your life and don’t know it!

How about E-Unharmony

Psychopaths like to lurk online and troll for new supply.  Most victims of the narcissist will initially swear that their new mate is the most incredible person they ever met….Initially….after a few months and getting you entirely hooked and addicted to them, their fun begins.  The remaining time becomes shear misery and most victims of narcissists wind up doubting their own sanity and literally becoming ill with ptsd.  Some lucky ones extract themselves early enough to avoid serious psychological damage and move on.

Many of our clients that hire us have narcissistic spouses and don’t know it.  One of the characteristics of the narcissist is serial cheating.  They do it because they feel entitled and are always in need of “supply”.  Fresh blood.  But they almost always come back looking for more and telling you how they will never cheat again or will simply deny ever cheating.

I suggest you research some of my articles in the blog and go online and read up on narcissism.  There are many books written on the subject that you can order or download from Amazon.  Once you become familiar with the characteristics of the narcissist/psychopath, you will know if you are with one.  It is incredible that the “cluster” of traits listed is very consistent amongst narcissists.  Almost like cookie cutter attributes that are the same from one to another.

Please educate yourself if you find your spouse to be entirely different than when you first met and see if you are in a relationship from hell with a psychopath.

Psychopaths do not get better with medication and are generally considered incurable.  They believe they are superior so why would they wish to change?!

DPI Will Catch Your Cheating Spouse but You Need to Decide What To Do Afterward

If you are considering hiring us to follow your spouse and suspecting infidelity, rest assured that if you are with a psychopath, he or she is likely cheating.  Will catching them in the act make them stop?  Unlikely for the narcissist.

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