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Destiny Private Investigation offers client solutions for business and personal issues.  Investigations are conducted by experienced private investigators.  Destiny Private Investigation Agency principles have over 40 years of private investigator experience involving a wide range of cases.  DPI has blended old school gumshoe experience with modern 21st century technology.  We strive to allow clients easy access to us through custom online portal.  Through this secure and easy method, our clients needn’t be inconvenienced by travel or paperwork.  Communication, transmission of documents and personal one on one contact through various means allows for today’s busy schedules.  Clients have 24/7 access to virtually everything necessary,…without leaving the home or office.

Several investigation services such as background check reports, asset retrieval and covert shopping reservations may be handled through our client portal system.  Whether we can assist you to DIY or conduct full project investigations, DPI may be your solution,

DPI is your private investigation source for personalized communication.  Often, an hour of strategizing with DPI can save you money and heartache in the future.  We offer an initial free consultation along with online private investigator personal coaching at very reasonable rates.  With the use of online investigation technology, our clients often accomplish objectives entirely through their personal portal.

Full service surveillance investigations may also be conducted and booked online.  DPI has developed streamlined approaches to infidelity investigations, covert shopping, background check reports and asset retrieval where clients can access and conduct cases entirely through portal dashboard..  DPI has combined convenience with online technology to streamline and lower client costs.


Experienced – Thorough – Licensed Private Investigation


DPI directors have over 40 years experience in the private investigation business. Experience counts for better and faster resolution for our clients. We take pride in our work product. We offer free consultations to help you strategize and formulate a plan that works for you! Our clients include individuals and private businesses. Get in touch with us today!   

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DPI Comprehensive Background Checks

Don’t risk bad data! Protect your business assets! Background reports are the heart of your due diligence.  Sign up for your Free DPI custom portal!  DPI has designed portal for clients to safely upload and download documents and have access to additional resources Free!

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Free Infidelity Investigators Case Study Report

Free Infidelity Report Free Infidelity Investigators Case Study Report on Cheating Spouse Investigations


 DPI serves California with private investigator affiliates throughout the USA

Call or email us by joining the DPI client portal.  It’s free and secure and you can send or receive digital documents, access free and premium products and services pertinent to your case.  Initial consultation is free.  DPI makes it easy, secure and productive!

DPI has saved clients thousands of dollars in many instances.  Before you pay a big retainer fee to an attorney, contact us.  We have decades of experience in private investigation, police operations, court and filing procedures, courtroom protocol and state of the art technologies.  Most importantly, DPI experience may reduce time and cost to our clients in resolving cases!

Infidelity investigation is another service where DPI has developed a streamlined formula that gets to the answers discreetly and fast.  Through a set of questions in client portal, DPI can formulate laser targeted solutions and always stay in touch with our clients.

Save time and money and more importantly, get results and peace of mind.  Experienced, logical planning from decades of case study knowledge is a DPI advantage.  With online investigation convenience and sophisticated technology in the field, case work time has been slashed in recent years.  We also can advise in your DIY investigations and potentially vastly decrease your effort, time and costs.

Additionally, DPI has a wide breadth of knowledge in small business ownership, sales, online and brick and mortar businesses, loss prevention,  and HR and employee policy compliance issues.  We are writers, readers, listeners and problem solvers that have worked in a variety of situations from A to Z..  We have experience in aviation, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, patent processes, sports and music industries and much more.  In other words, it’s a pretty safe bet that DPI can enhance resolution to your situation in several scenarios.